About this Portal

In the near future, the Grand Lodge of Indiana desires a convenient way for members to update their own personal information, to manage their communication preferences (opting in to certain communication channels whilst perhaps opting out of others). In addition, the Grand Lodge wants to provide ways for the Craft to buy goods and services through this portal. Examples of transactions can include paying for your annual dues via PayPal (bank draft, credit card, and pay over time options - the latter requires a PayPal line of credit). Other goods that could be purchased through the portal might include masonic supplies and books provided by the Grand Secretary's office. And, from time to time, the Grand Lodge will offer special programs to the Craft and the portal will accept reservations and payments.

It's important for users to realize that the current member's portal allows browsing individual data, but it does not yet support making changes to that data. This is not a technical constraint, but Grand Lodge needs to decide what the work flow will be when a member chooses to update his data.

Remember, this portal is just an initial concept. The final version of the portal will mirror the layout of the www.indianafreemasons.com web site. Enjoy this preview.